Chess: An Adult Beginners Guide – David MacNulty Soft Cover Book

Chess: An Adult Beginners Guide
By. David MacNulty
Soft Cover Book

Award-winning chess teacher David MacEnulty
guides the beginner through the moves and rules,
tactical manoeuvres, checkmate patterns,
and strategic concepts of chess.
With clear explanations, plentiful exercises and
easy to understand diagrams, one of America’s
most accomplished chess teachers brings simplicity,
order and clarity to the otherwise daunting task of
learning to play the great game of chess.

About the author
David MacEnulty has been teaching chess to adults
and children for more than twenty years.
Teams he has coached have won numerous first
place trophies in New York City, New York State
and National Chess Championship. He has won the
prestigious Chess Educator of the Year award from
the University of Texas at Dallas, been honored with
a Career Achievement Award by the US Chess Federation,
and received the Lives that Make a Difference award
from the A&E.

The story of his work with children in the Bronx was
made into a film, Knights of the South Bronx,
starring Ted Danson.

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